One of the last investments of Bratia Pepech Ltd is in roasting, salting, flavouring and packaging production line. All the machines of the production line are invented from leading machine manufacturers that have proven themselves in their field. The final product that is achieved in the packets is with excellent QUALITY and TASTE.

The production line consists of three roasting ovens and ten packaging machines:


CESELSAN CS7000-KF dried nut and fruit roasting over


Dried nut and fruit roasting over

The horizontal roasting oven is proved to have the most appropriate system for roasting process of different kind of seeds and nuts. A significant feature of this oven is the separate roomed roasting system which preserves the aroma of the seeds and nuts at the highest rate. The burnt gases are thrown out without touching the product which lengthens its shelf life. Due to the fact that the roasting air circulation is provided from top to bottom and bottom to down respectively, homogenous product roasting process is achieved. The roasting band is completely made of stainless steel wire-knitted band and the speed of this band can be controlled with an AC motor drive. As the cooling fan has an air circulation with high flow, this decreases the product to the room temperature and makes it suitable to be packaged.

The capacity of the roasting process varies with the different products:

  • Pumpkin seeds – 450 kg/hour
  • Black sunflower seeds - 650 kg/hour
  • Striped sunflower seeds - 500 kg/hour
  • White sunflower seeds - 500 kg/hour
  • Peanuts – 1200 kg/hour
  • Chickpeas – 700 kg/hour
  • Other nuts – average capacity 800 kg/hour

SEVVAL roasting over SRMB120


SEVVAL roasting over

It is a modern continuous roaster with Roasting system based on heat. It has 5 layer belts. This roasting oven gives more flexibility and is appropriate for roasting variety of nuts and seeds.

The capacity of the roasting process varies with the different products:

  • Pumpkin seeds – 300 kg/hour
  • Black sunflower seeds - 350 kg/hour
  • Striped sunflower seeds - 250 kg/hour
  • White sunflower seeds - 250 kg/hour
  • Peanuts – 600 kg/hour
  • Chickpeas – 400 kg/hour
  • Other nuts – average capacity 400 kg/hour

The roasted and salted seeds and nuts are packaged in 10 pneumatic driven vertical packaging machines. Each one is with 8 weighers and a capacity is 60 packages per minute.

KASI TEMPRA PACK vertical machine AV-31


PACK vertical machine

AV-31 is a pneumatic driven vertical packaging machine capable to perform packaging of a great variety of products in different physical condition. The machines fills and seals three sided bags with seeds and nuts. Depending on product and desired filling range there are several different, replaceable bag shaping devices, which allows a different weights to be produced on the same machine. The package vertical machine can work with any kind of packaging material, which is suitable for thermal sealing like polypropylene (PP), polyethylene - polypropylene (PE+PP), metalized polypropylene and others.It is equipped with coding and marking devices for stating the product information on the bags.