Modern factory for processing seeds and nuts, built on programme for developing of Rural Areas supported by the European Agrucltural Fund. The summer of 2015 marks the first major expansion of the plant which is carried out with own means. In 2016 the production line for seed processing, cleaning and screening has been upgraded.


Owing to investing in high-quality machines for processing of seeds and nuts we achieve purity of 99.9%. Such purity satisfies the most demanding customers in the domestic and international market.


The largest and most advanced production line on the Balkan Peninsula: excellent selection of machines for processing agricultural products. The capacity of the cleaning production line is 5 t per hour ready product. The daily capacity of the roasting and packaging production line is 20 t.


More than 90% of the products that pass through the factory are with Bulgarian origin. We process Bulgarian products from our fertile land. We make them popular in our country and around the world.