The factory was built in 2008. It is located in the village of Poroino which is 3 km from Dulovo on an area of 15 520 sq. m.

The latest expansion of the factory is from the summer of 2015 which is newly built production hall on a plot of 2 330 sq.m. In the front is the incoming pit with capacity 100 t and the most modern and efficient cleaning line for seeds with 37 meters length. In 2016 the production line for cleaning, calibrating and processing of seeds has been upgraded by switching the pre-cleaners and adding 2 photo-sorters. All these new machines are with the latest technology and they work extremely precisely.

The location of the factory is at extremely convenient logistic place. On one hand it is in the heart of the most fertile part of Bulgaria and on the other hand it is close to Varna, the main sea port of Bulgaria as well as to Russe, the main port of Danube river. The factory location is easily reached from customers from neighbor countries.

Trucks with raw material are received after being weighed on weighing scales at the entrance of the factory. The weighing scales measures lots up to 60 000 kg. Products are loaded and unloaded from trucks and containers by means of one wheel loader and two forklifts. When needed for bigger convenience during loading and unloading conveyor belts up to 8m length are used.

There are two main production lines which consist of the most modern, efficient and effective machines.

One production equipment is for processing, screening and cleaning of raw material with purity which exceeds 99,90% making the final product with excellent QUALITY which is the key factor in the sales nowadays.

The other production equipment is for roasting, salting, flavouring and packaging of seeds and nuts making the ready packets with excellent QUALITY and TASTE. QUALITY and TASTE makes the packed seeds and nuts popular and desired.